Revista Educação e Cultura Contemporânea, Vol. 17, No 51 (2020)

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Support Programs for Developing Competences of Teachers as an Essential Factor for Successful Inclusive Education

Andrea Hathazi


Inclusive education represents not only a right of children with special education needs to access educational and social opportunities and experiences, but also a requirement regarding services of successful educational systems that support the principles of equity and diversity. We consider that the main factor for a successful inclusion is represented by the professional and personal competences of teachers, which need to have our continuous and thorough consideration in terms of training, development, and support within the educational contexts. In this view, teachers need to have access to training programs that continuously will facilitate the make use of teachers’ knowledge, practices, and expertise in improving intervention and overcome various barriers. These training programs may refer to specialized initial and in-service training, supervision, mentoring, networking, school consultation, working in multidisciplinary teams and personal development programs.

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