Revista ADM.MADE, Vol. 25, No 3 (2021)

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Engage, influence or innovate –the incumbents’ dilemma facing energy transition

Luciano Felipe de Carvalho Rodrigues, Renata Brito, Marcos Cohen



Energy transition is a strategic driver that has the potential to reshape business sectors, supply chains and economies. However, how this transformational driver should be dealt with is not made clear in business management literature and practice. This study sheds some light on how companies respond strategically to energy transition challenges. We propose a model that integrates generic strategies to deal with energy transition using strategic mechanisms for proactive and reactive responses. This model incorporates three generic strategies: (i) the adoption of sustainable strategies, (ii) influence mechanisms to shape the context and (iii) innovation to change the competitive dynamic. Posterior empirical testing of this model is a key step to reinforce how companies will succeed in generating value on this context.


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